Last day at MBL

Hard to believe 10 days have gone by!  Yesterday was our last full day.  We went on a short cruise on the Gemma, a collecting vessel, and took a look at a few sea critters that we dredged up (well.  by “we” I actually mean the Gemma’s intrepid crew). Here are some photos of those, as well as more from the MBL’s Marine Resource Center.

The Gemma

Pulling up a lot of stuff.  Other dogs should be jealous of this dog.

A small crustacean (not sure what this is?  It kept jumping out of our hands. Slippery sucker)

A female spider crab.  The red = eggs

A sea creature olio

Land, ho!

Horseshoe crab (which is neither a horseshoe nor a crab. Discuss)


Fiddler crabs

And last but not least, a smiling skate

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