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Infested, available at the University of Chicago PressAmazon, Barnes & Noble or your friendly local bookstore

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Narratives and Essays

Popular Science, May 2015 (read the full story here or online)


OnEarth, October 2014 (read the full story online)

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Aeon Magazine, October 2013 (read the full story online)

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Popular Science, January 2011 (read the full story here or online)

Mining for Dark Matter


Feature Packages

Popular Science, March 2015 (read the full story here or online)


Popular Science, March 2014 (read the full story here or an abbreviated version online )

March 2014 Cover

 Popular Science, September 2012 (read the full story here)

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Infographics and Illustrated Pieces

Popular Science, July 2013 (read the full story here)


 Bicycling, June 2013 (Infographic is part of the feature “Senseless” by Bruce Barcott. Read the full story here)

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Popular Science, October 2009 (read the full story here)