Logan Science Journalism Fellowship

I intended to start blogging here when I moved my site to WordPress last January.  Five months later, here is my first post!  Better late than never, eh?

I’m headed to the Marine Biology Lab this Wednesday for a 10-day-long journalism fellowship.  I just received my syllabus from MBL this morning, and pheeeewy it is going to be a busy ten days.  Breakfast at 7:30 each morning, then headed to the biomedical lab to play with sea urchins, then lectures, then more lab, all day every day.  This will be a big change for a freelancer who rolls out of bed and then works in PJs from a home office, sometimes only emerging from her apartment for a quick swim or to run some errands.  But, I’m excited at the prospect of being back in a lab for some hands-on learning (haven’t done that since college), as well as the mandatory break from writing and deadlines.  Speaking of which, I have a feature to finish, three short articles to annotate for a fact-checker, a portion of a book proposal due to my agent and an article to fact-check. So. Better get back to it.

Coming up this week: photos of sea urchins and Cape Cod and lobster bakes.

For more info on the fellowship, click here.

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