Seeing Seeing/ Art and Science

Last night, I stopped by a Beck’s event at Galapagos Art Space to hear about their newest interactive art/tech project.  There, reps for the beer unveiled an augmented reality exhibit at NYC’s own Statue of Liberty.  I won’t get into that project too much here, but I will say that if you catch a glimpse of the statue over the Fourth of July, download the Beck’s Green Key App on your iPhone and check her out.  It’s going to be rad.

For the purposes of this blog, what caught my eye at the event was a scienc-y art  installation by Brooklyn artist Mac Premo (full disclosure: Premo works with my fiancé at Frank Collective, which threw last night’s party).  In his piece “Seeing Seeing,” the artist creates an animation of the process of seeing, which the viewer then physically sees.

Says Premo: “Sight is the gateway to what we see as beautiful.  From a sunset to a painting to a tragic film, sight is imperative to the experience.  So, making a description of that process beautiful—that is the act of irony within this piece.”

All in all, a very nice way to think about vision and natural processes, as well as a nice piece.  Here’s what it was like (Photos by Mike Wasilewski via iPhone):

First, the user approaches a pedestaled wooden object:

Upon closer inspection, the wooden object is meant to be looked into:

Peering inside reveals a looped animation:

And here is the full animation:

Seeing Seeing from mac premo on Vimeo.

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